You're steps away from the lawn of your dreams! See how easy it is to get started with our DIY lawn care system.

First, Unbox


For U By U Product

32 oz. Bottle

Product Assembly

Screw the bottom portion of the applicator onto the top of the bottle by turning clockwise. Firmly hand tighten.

Make sure garden hose water supply is turned off.

Attach your garden hose to the back part of the applicator by turning clockwise. Firmly hand tighten.

Turn on water supply to garden hose when ready to apply.

Applying Product

Each bottle treats around 5,000 square feet. (Roughly the size of a basketball court)

When ready, switch the applicator to the clean position.

Lightly spray the grass surface while evenly applying the product and maintain a steady walking pace to get the most coverage.

Once bottle is empty, remove applicator, rinse, and discard the bottle.

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